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CHS - Class in Session!

CHS - Class in Session!

FORMED on the Catholic Faith

Formed. Free Catholic Videos, Movies, eBooks and MP3s

Our lives have changed in the blink of an eye! Each day, new restrictions are placed on us in light of COVID—19. Activities that we once took for granted have now become prohibitions – Mass, school, work, social activities, etc. We now may find ourselves relying on television, computers, Facebook, etc. for information and entertainment. Let me propose an alternative for you. As a parishioner of St. Peter, you have access to FORMED at no charge to you. FORMED gives you unlimited access to the best eBooks, talks and videos in the Church today – you simply need to sign up. There is content for all age groups. You need only to go to and register by either locating St. Peter Church of New Iberia or using the code ZBR3Y7. Once registered, you can view movies, have access to eBooks, view videos with your children, etc.

For the next couple of weeks or more, we will be bombarded with the effects of COVID-19. Take solace in knowing that God is with us during these trying times. When it is time to escape, take the opportunity to discover the lives of the saints, share a light-hearted video with your children or read one of the classics. If all we will have is time in the next few weeks, why not use it wisely and maybe get tuned in more with our wonderful faith.

Through its online platform and free mobile apps for iOS and Android, FORMED has helped individuals and communities know, love and share their Catholic faith.

Check it out.
Parish Code: ZBR3Y7

St. Peter Parish Library

Did you know that St. Peter Parish has a library that is available to our parishioners? Our parish library has material specifically related to spirituality, theology, catechesis, the lives of the saints, etc. Our library which located in the conference room of our parish offices is open to our parishioners Monday—Thursday from 1:00 pm—4:00 pm and Friday mornings from 8:00 am—11:00 am. Books may be taken home as they are signed out and returned in the same way in which a public library system operates.

St. Peter Parish Library